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Life Insurance

Living Benefits D

Life insurance you don’t have to die to use 

Accelerated Benefits Riders are optional, no-additional cost riders that can allow you to access all or part of your death benefit, while living, if you experience a qualifying terminal, chronic, or critical illness, or critical injury. 

Since the benefit is unrestricted, once you qualify, you can use the benefit for any reason. Benefits might be used for, but are not limited to:

  • Household expenses 
  • Adult Day Care 
  • Home modifications 

  • Regular bills 
  • Nursing home care 
  • Quality of life expenditures


Pure protection defined by the length of time you elect to hold the policy. Term covers you for a specific time period and has no cash accumulation feature. The short-term benefit may be used to help pay off a mortgage or business or personal debt. Some term policies offer a Return of Premium feature, which returns a portion of the premiums to you after a prescribed number of years.  

If you are someone who is looking for high-quality coverage for a specified amount of time at an affordable cost, then Term may be the right solution for you. If your situation changes and you should need permanent coverage, the option to convert your term policy to a permanent Universal Life policy also exists. 


Permanent life insurance that helps you meet final expenses while protecting your assets for future needs. You can use the cash value accumulation feature to supplement your retirement income or as a loan source, while the death benefit can help provide for your children’s or grandchildren’s educations or trust funds. Purchasing whole life for children or grandchildren gives them insurance protection when their premiums are generally low, and guarantees their future insurability. 

Rethink Life Insurance: 

The Best of Both Worlds 

When you think of life insurance, you often think of the peace of mind that comes from knowing that those who count on you are taken care of. You envision protection from a death benefit, but what about the protection you may need if you become ill during your life? 

LSW ProtectorLife lets you rethink life insurance and get the best of both worlds: death benefits and living benefits. Death benefits protect your family if you die too soon – while living benefits protect you while you’re living. 

Index Universal

FlexLife is an innovative Indexed Universal Life (IUL) product designed to meet your lifetime protection and accumulation needs. 

This flexible IUL policy provides valuable protection for your family through the death benefit. However, FlexLIfe does not stop there, it can also help you accomplish lifetime financial goals, including meeting retirement objectives. 

Permanent life insurance provides a guaranteed death benefit plus the opportunity to conservatively accumulate future wealth in a tax-advantaged way. Some universal life insurance offers flexibility and control of the premium payment and death benefit — plus a minimum interest rate guarantee and favorable loan features. 

Other universal life policies offer fixed premiums in a product that protects the insured for their entire lifetime, even past age 100. Still others are designed to protect couples from the burden of estate taxes, providing insurance proceeds to pay taxes after the second person dies. 


Protect your home, family and income – all in one policy 

 A house is one of the largest purchases you will ever make, and your home mortgage will likely be your largest financial obligation. Maintaining adequate insurance protection will help your family to keep their home should something happen to you. A mortgage protection plan from Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (LSW) helps you to protect your home and your family in case of premature death or a long-term illness. At the center of this plan is a life insurance policy – either Universal Life or Term – with a variety of riders to customize the plan to fit your needs.

Final Expense


Unlike an inheritance, final expenses are something none of us wants to leave behind for a loved one. The goal is to share a gift – or legacy – of peace and calm rather than costs and expenses. 

Understanding how life insurance can help with final expenses is the place to start. Many Americans believe Social Security will pay for their final expense needs. However, the government only pays a lump-sum of $255 for those who qualify. What’s more, the Veterans Administration final expense benefit (if you qualify) is only $749 for a plot, plus a $300 burial allowance. 


Get a better understanding of your estimated final expenses and choose a life insurance policy that meets your needs. 


While no one knows when we or a loved one will pass on, we can take steps now to help ensure that funeral costs and other final expenses will be covered when the time comes. We can help ensure a legacy of peace and calm. 

Guaranteed Universal

Guaranteed Death Benefit Protection for Your Peace of Mind*  

When planning for the future, you want death benefit protection that will be there at any time—regardless of changes that happen along the way. Today, more than ever, guarantees are important. With North American Company’s Custom Guarantee universal life insurance plan, what you buy today is what we’ll deliver whenever it’s needed. 

United of Omaha Life Insurance Company offers Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL), Guaranteed Universal Life Plus (GUL Plus) and Guaranteed Universal Life Express (GUL Express) life insurance policies. All pay proceeds to the beneficiary and offer similar riders/provisions and options. 

GUL Lock-in a larger death benefit. Approval may take longer because more information is needed for underwriting. However, if you want more coverage at an affordable rate, GUL may be what you want.  

GUL Plus If you are seeking larger face amounts and a cash accumulation feature, GUL Plus can meet those needs. In addition, GUL Plus offers competitive dump in and short pay premiums and is ideal for 1035 exchanges.  

GUL Express Simplify the application process and lock-in a death benefit up to $250,000. No lengthy health inquiry is needed for qualified applicants. We can respond back to you in a matter of days. Want coverage quickly? GUL Express may be the right choice.